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"I believe that the body always speaks to us in the language of love, even when something is going 'wrong'. Illness is not an enemy, but is rather a teacher, meaning we don't need to make war on ourselves in the name of healing."

~ Robin Rose Bennet, Herbalist

Working with hard-to-diagnose health issues is my specialty. I have been lovingly referred to by friends and clients as a modern witch doctor because of my traditional training in acupuncture, herbal arts and Chinese medical diagnosis, and a natural intuitive skill that has helped many people understand and experience successful improvements from their chronic, complex and challenging health issues.

I understand personally what it is like to suffer with undiagnosed, strange and scary symptoms that no one could explain, so I am 100% committed to helping other people truly heal from undiagnosed or misdiagnosed illnesses. This is a journey of physical healing for sure, but it can also be an initiation into a new version of your life.

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My work combines many tools for physical treatment with an emphasis on intelligent diagnosis and on communication with you, the patient, describing what I see and how you can take healing into your own hands. If you are struggling with strange symptoms, you may feel generally misunderstood or alone- without clarity and without being deeply seen. In my office, I create an environment where we can connect on a deep level about what you are experiencing, and my goal is that you leave each treatment feeling physically balanced and with total clarity about what to do next and what steps to focus on for clearing your symptoms.


Sometimes symptoms clear very very fast with treatment, and once you understand what to add and what to remove in your daily life order to help your body re-balance. For very complex or long-term symptoms, it may take a step-by-step, week-by-week process to clear away layers of symptoms until balance is gained. I'll use my best tools to help your symptoms clear, even the ones that have been 

stubborn or hard to resolve, and I'll walk with you through the step-by-step journey of healing,

assisting you to see your next steps clearly.


My methods and combination of healing tools and patient education/communication have supported many patients in clearing symptoms that they feared could not be resolved, and to gain physical and emotional wellness after long bouts of physical and psychological suffering due to their symptoms.  

If you think we may be a good match for your health journey, you can schedule your first appointment below. If you would like to have a free phone call before you schedule to ask any questions, please contact me by email to schedule one.

And you can read more about my personal story, my training and my credentials here.

About Diamond Star Acupuncture

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