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"As a physician, I typically seek treatment with Western Medicine.  This is based on what I know and what I use to best help treat my patients. However, I also realize that Western Medicine is not the 'end-all, be-all' and that an integrative approach can be very beneficial. This is precisely why I love Alex --it's her amazing depth of knowledge in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture combined with her respect for other forms of medicine. She realizes that different forms of medicine should be complimentary, not mutually exclusive. 


I suffer from chronic GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and gastritis, which has only slightly improved with medication. I also received an endoscopy, which was essentially normal. In addition, I just returned from a six-month stint doing relief work overseas and was suffering from anxiety and diarrhea upon my return. I then decided to seek treatment with Alex. [She] was very professional, friendly and warm. My session with her was unrushed and I always felt welcome. Her treatment room was very clean and quiet. She performed acupuncture on me after which she provided me with dietary recommendations. She also recommended a potent probiotic and a Chinese herb. My GERD, diarrhea and anxiety have since improved quite a bit. I can't say enough about my experience with Alex and I will seek her treatment and advice in the future."  ~ Z.A

"Alexandra... brings such a profound sincerity and presence to her practice that I couldn't help but feel totally comfortable, disarmed, and most importantly, cared for during my session with her. I will definitely go back for more work, and would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone seeking more insight and clarity into whatever personal issues that may need some special exploration."   ~ D.C

"Alex is a gentle and powerful practitioner. I have had the privilege of seeing her for both Acupuncture and Energetic Readings, both of which were immersive and beautiful treatments. She was able to help me through some difficult decisions at a critical turning point in my life, as well as various gynecological disturbances. Her needling technique is just right- strong presence and sensation but not shocking or painful. She has amazing insight into the deeper causes of dis-ease, and is able to distill information into palatable, concise chunks of information as you discuss your health before a treatment. Then, you get to lie there as the needles work, and allow the lessons to integrate. Her office is beautiful and comforting, infused with style and professional appeal. I can recommend Alex for treatment of pain and gynecological issues - Boulder is lucky to have her!"       ~ M.B

For Pain and Injury


"Alex used to be my acupuncturist when she lived in Santa Cruz, CA. I'm an athlete so my body needs to always be in balance. I would always get trigger point acupuncture from Alex and it helped more than any other style of body work that I have had done. I have done rolfing, deep tissue, thai massage, you name it and I have tried it. Nothing has been more effective for muscular release than trigger point therapy. Thank You Alex!"  ~ U.W

"I absolutely love Alex. I have seen her for both acupuncture and intuitive counseling now. She has become my primary health care practitioner. I used to have really bad neck pain from a car crash that happened to me over 2 years ago before I saw Alex. She used her trigger pointing method to release the tension in my neck. I felt immediate release after the first session and now after 5 sessions of the trigger pointing my neck feels better than ever! I no longer feel any pain which is incredible because I thought is was never going to go away. After getting acupuncture from her and having such great results I decided to see her for intuitive counseling also and she has been helping me navigate my relationship very well. I feel more clear and on my own path than ever. Thank you Alex for everything!"  ~ C.G

Intuitive Readings and Acupuncture  Sessions



"Alexandra is a delight to work with. Her acupuncture and intuitive reading self-care treatment combo not only addressed my physical ailment but left me feeling deeply understood and seen.  She has an incredible ability to zero in on emotional issues that are having a profound effect on the physical and emotional body. Her listening and guidance help further support resolving the issue. She is also warm, accepting, and gentle with the needles. I feel so well taken care of during our sessions. She is a light - a beacon - along my journey of transformation."  ~ T.S

"I've received wisdom and tangible transformation on many levels with Alex's self-care treatments: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. On a physical level, we treated the areas that were most calling - I felt seen, heard and responded to with what physically felt most needed. On an emotional level, I felt held in Alexandra's presence; my emotional state being just as important as my physical state. During our treatment is when the magic began to happen for me. While the needles were in, Alexandra continued to hold space and offered such valuable & powerful wisdom and information for me; it was then that the energy began to significantly shift, and I received deep spiritual support and messages. Fears, habit patterns, and gratitude surfaced. While receiving messages that spoke directly to my spirit, that impact the ways in which I live my life, I experienced dizziness, a complete shift in my stability even though I was still laying on the table. Alexandra calmly described that this experience was evidence that some piece of tension was shifting, some tension that was holding me together was changing and I was reorienting. Her words allowed me to trust the experience and the process I was having. Overall powerful, potent, and effective self-care treatment that I continue to integrate even weeks later."  ~ J.E

Intuitive Readings


"Alex is gifted at what she does. I have gone to her for acupuncture and for intuitive readings and have always left feeling clarified. She is comforting, keen, and professional. If this is your first reading or your 100th, feel confident that Alex will seamlessly guide you through the session. And she always gives plenty of space for you to process and discuss what she has told you. These readings have been an amazing tool for me in various points of my life. It's a true talent to be able to read people without needing their story first. I am so impressed by this woman's abilities. Will definitely be a lifelong client of hers."  ~ J . R

"Though initially unsure if this healing modality was right for me, I've since found it indispensable during those 'stuck' moments in life. The times I have sought Alexandra's intuitive healing out have been when I felt overwhelmed by a life event or decision I wanted to make and when no amount of personal meditation or soul searching revealed a clear answer. With Alexandra I found it remarkably easy to relax into a session and emerge clear-headed with new perspective, resolve, and peace. I have consulted with Alexandra time and again over the years and will continue to into the future. Her compassionate and intuitive presence naturally puts me at ease and enables a warm, healing environment."   ~ C . A 


"I didn't know what to expect from a session with Alexandra, but she came so highly recommended by a good friend of mine that I was willing to try it. First, Alexandra's presence is so warm and inviting that I was instantly at ease. She clearly explained her process and how I could talk with her to make the most of the session. Right away, she had wonderful, intuitive advice for me and had deep, meaningful insights about some issues that had been bothering me. I found her advice to be immeasurably helpful. I left feeling more seen and supported than I have in most regular therapy sessions. She had a unique way of affirming strengths and presenting wisdom in a way that I felt like I glimpsed my own higher self. Perhaps I did. I'd recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking more clarity, insight, and support into their life."   ~ D . W

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