Who I Treat :

People Suffering from Difficult or Mysterious Symptoms and Conditions (Read More)

People with Pain and Injury

Young Adults and Teens

People Interested in Physical and Psychological/Spiritual Exploration and Support


People Suffering from Difficult or Mysterious Symptoms and Conditions

I have helped many people understand and resolve symptoms and conditions that haven't received a clear diagnosis or an effective treatment plan from their primary medical provider.  

 Read more about why Chinese medicine works in these cases, and how I can help


Young Adults + Teens

Working with children, teenagers and young adults is a huge joy in my practice.  Many young ones are experiencing physical symptoms, health issues and mood issues (anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia or mood swings).  I love being able to help these symptoms and imbalances to clear and improve, so you know that your child will move forward in life with more health rather than health problems that threaten to grow and worsen over time.  Young adults and teenagers are extremely ripe for learning about their personal constitution, how to interpret physical signals for what their body is telling them and how to take care for their body and psychological well-being into their own hands.  This education is a lot of what we do together and my young patients love this process because they are learning deeply about themselves and our conversations are very personalized.  We also do effective treatments and problem-solving, and dietary and lifestyle guidance if needed.

Physical and Psychological Transformation

I work with many clients who primarily desire physical relief from their pain and their symptoms, and I am very happy to serve on the physical level.  However, many of the clients who are attracted to my work are also interested in their personal growth and committed to achieving higher levels of both physical and psychological well-being.  My background as a holistic practitioner includes counseling and many years of training in shamanic traditions (a continual area of training for me).  My training in these areas often enters my work with clients to help them address lifestyle, belief, thought and behavior patterns that are contributing to their physical or psychological symptoms.  This part of treatment is always approached with compassion and yet also a great willingness on my part to discuss even taboo or difficult topics with my clients if needed.  There is so much healing potential available in this part of our work together.

Pain + Injury Patients

Acupuncture receives a lot of acknowledgment for being a highly effective and non-invasive strategy for treating pain and injury.  I specialize in the Trigger Point method (also known as dry needling), and this method in general gets great results.  My treatments are very different from how dry needling is commonly practiced through a physical therapist as I often treat several areas of the body in one treatment and I add acupuncture points and Chinese Medicine techniques to most treatments.  Common (and enjoyable) additions to a dry needling treatment are cupping, gua sha and yin tui na (gentle massage or holding of an injured area)



Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine