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Do you:


Have strange and uncomfortable symptoms that seem disconnected- for example chronic fatigue, joint pain, digestive problems, menstrual cycle issues, multiple food sensitivities, brain fog, anxiety, mood and energy swings- that make you feel like you’re falling apart but you don’t understand why?

Have you already spent so much money trying different modalities, doctors, methods, but still feel like you are stuck with your symptoms?

Are the health symptoms you are experiencing impacting you enough that you’re struggling at work or at school? Perhaps so much that you fear not being able to work at all if things get worse?

Are the strange and unexplainable symptoms that you can’t control affecting the intimacy in your relationships, or are symptoms keeping you from spending time with the people and activities you love?

Have you been suffering these symptoms for long enough, that you feel like screaming, crying and hitting something because you don’t know what is actually going to make a difference and it’s terrifying to imagine living with them forever?

Are you seriously motivated to find solutions to feel better, you just don’t know what they are or if it is even possible?

If you answered yes to several of the questions above, we may be a good fit!

While I have a great amount of respect for Western medicine practitioners, let me be super clear that the practical tradition of acupuncture looks at health and understands the body from a completely different perspective than the Western medical system. What doctors perceive as unexplainable symptoms are often very clearly related and explainable patterns in Chinese medicine, and these patterns each have a known course of treatment to resolve them!

In my treatments for difficult symptoms you will receive:

  • Laser focus on you and your particular symptoms and story, so that you can be seen and heard.

  • The benefit of Chinese Medicine diagnostic methods which are able to make sense of and explain many so-called “not real” or  “unrelated” symptoms you are experiencing.

  • A diagnosis and an explanation of your diagnosis so that you understand where your symptoms stem from and how they relate to each other. From this diagnosis, you’ll have a clear set of steps to follow. 

  • Clear lifestyle and dietary guidelines that are not just the latest book fad, but are personalized for your unique diagnosis.  With my guidance and tools I’ll help these changes be as simple and easy as possible.

  • Acupuncture treatments which are the transformational element and physical foundation of your treatment program.  Most people feel an immediate reduction in their symptoms after an acupuncture treatment and also experience fewer and fewer flare-ups of their symptoms altogether after a course of treatments.

  • An herbal prescription formulated specifically for you and your exact symptoms. Your herbal formula is the second (and equally important) piece of the physical foundation for your healing. Chinese herbs can have a potent effect over time in reversing and correcting symptoms and the root causes of symptoms.

  • My knowledge and thoroughness while witnessing your story and giving you super effective tools and education to feel better. My work is in service to helping you feel clear about WHAT is happening in your body and WHY and WHAT STEPS TO TAKE NEXT.

  • A relaxing and judgment-free space so that you can really be witnessed and heard, receive solution-based feedback, and lay down, rest and be cozy while receiving healing treatments!


If you think my treatment offerings may be helpful for you on your health journey, you can schedule your first appointment below. 


You may always contact me by phone or email before you schedule if you have questions about our potential work together.

Acupuncture For
Difficult Symptoms

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