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Acupuncture and intuitive reading are an excellent combination for physical relaxation and balancing, as well as to create a transformative energetic and spiritual experience. Whether you need gentle relaxation and emotional clarity or a major physical and energetic-emotional re-set, this combination of healing modalities may be a good fit for you.  


If you are open to the Intuitive Reading modality, I also highly recommend this combination for those seeking treatment for difficult physical or psychological symptoms. By combining Intuitive Reading with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, we are really able to dive deep into every layer of your symptoms or illness and to 'un-tie the knots' that are involved in both the physical levels and the energetic, psychological and even spiritual. 

The Acupuncture and Intuitive Reading Combo is my most popular appointment type.

You can read more about Acupuncture here and more about Intuitive Readings here.

Acupuncture +
Intuitive Reading

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